Share the Goodness of UX to Change Our World

What is UX for Change?

UX for Change is a platform where UX practitioners come together to share the goodness of UX to change our world by enabling non-profit organisations and the public sector to design user centric experiences.

The impact that members of UX for Change bring to our community come in a great variety of ways, from volunteering their time and skills to solve a UX challenge in one of our events, to career clinics and portfolio workshops.

Who are the new team?

Sandra Gonzalez

UX for Change Founder

Naomi Easson

Workshop Coordinator

Helenka Hewitt

Community Manager

Nadine Grant

Workshop Lead

Liam Carter-Hawkins

Charity/Social Venture Lead

Louisa Laughton-Scott

Event Manager

How can you get involved?



Come to our bi-monthly meetups that are open to everyone! These events include a lecture from a ‘domain expert’ and a workshop.

How does this help non-profits and public sector organisations? We work with these organisations to identify a well-scoped design challenge then we host an event which involves a three step process to solving this challenge:

1) UX for Change is attended by an ethusiastic audience including many experienced UX Designers. We start with a 30-45min lecture from a ‘domain expertʼ, on a topic that is relevant to the organisations’ design challenge.

2) After the speaker there will be a workshop where teams work on the challenge using the thing the speaker has talked about.

3) Finally, the charity get given artefacts from the event to help solve a well scoped problem




If you are a non-profit, public sector or charitable organisation with a user experience design issue that we could solve, get in touch via our Contact page.

To check the design challenges UX for Change has tackled in past, take a look at our Case Studies below.

Case Studies

How to Design Lean Personas by Adrian Howard

Adrian is passionate about building effective teams and great products. He co-founded Quietstars to help organisations do that, using Lean, Agile and User Experience practices.You’ll find Adrian working with startup and product development teams — doing everything from coaching & teaching to hands on user experience & development work.

With more than fifteen years experience working with startups, established businesses and agencies Adrian is an active member of the Agile and Lean UX communities. He organised the UX Stage at the Agile 2010 and Agile 2012 conferences, and regularly teaches and speaks on integrating Lean, UX and Agile methods. He’s also a mentor for Lean Startup Machine and

CAF Sets a Challenge for UX for Change

The main purpose for this UX for Change event was to support Charities Aid Foundation’s mission on becoming digital as they redefine their user experience, with a keen interest on how to bring the charities they host to the heart of everything. They would like to look into how they can tell a more emotional story, in contrast to the current purely transactional experience that they provide.

Jeff Gothelf Shares Some Thoughts on Humility and Continuous Deployment

Jeff Gothelf, co-author of award winning book Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience, talks about how the last five years have been transformational to how digital products and services are develop and the impact its had on UX Design. Jeff starts by sharing his experience at AOL back in the late 90s when he designed software that was shipped in a CD-ROM with iteration cycles of around 12 months in contrast with how currently pioneer organisation such Amazon ships code every 11.6 seconds. He then talks about the positive impact that continuous deployment has on UX Design and how taking an humble approach to designing is a powerful tool for success.

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