‘Please put your hands together for the new UX for Change Committee!’


Hello all you lovely UXers. We may have been quiet for a while, but we are back and ready to hit the ground running!

While we have been keeping silent at the forefront, we have been working hard behind the scenes to prepare for our next UX for Change UK Meetup and are eager to let you all know what we have been up to.

But before we can spill the secret, it would be rude not to dedicate a whole blog post to the celebration of our new UX for Change committee. The team have been meeting weekly and have been passionately working towards an end goal, of getting our first non-for profit charity on board so that we can solve the problems they may be facing, through the goodness of UX.

So let’s not waste any more time and get going with the introductions to this fabulous team.


Sandra Gonzalez – Founder of UXforChangeUK

UX is my passion. I love learning about how people experience the world, and then building products that make people’s lives easier, better, safer or more fun.

I founded UX for Change as I saw a great opportunity to connect non-profit with the UX Design community. I wanted to create a platform where all the great methodologies and techniques that we use in the industry could be also implemented for all the amazing project that the non-profit community is working on.

We believe the work of our team and people coming to our meet ups is all about the about connecting people with challenges. We have met so many people that would love to give up some of their precious time to making a difference in the world by sharing their professional UX knowledge, but don’t even know where to start. We believe facilitating connecting UX practitioners with non-profit challenge will make a difference in the world.

Through our work I would love to support women and girls in any type of disadvantage situation. I don’t only want to focus on the negative aspect of being in a disadvantage position but empower them to reach their potential, regardless of their situation.

When I am not you UXing or advising people on how to UX I love playing musical instruments. I have self-tough many instruments, from percussion, to indigenous flutes as well as the piano. I like to share my culture and learn from other cultures through music.


Naomi Easson – Outreach and Events Coordinator 

As a Managing Consultant for Bamboo Crowd, a recruitment agency specialisng in hiring for innovation, strategy and design. I have 10 years’ experience recruiting for Creative, Technology, Design and Digital superstars.

After recently relocating back to London from Melbourne, I have been deeply involved with the growth of the UX space from the evolution of a number of new roles and requirements to the ever-increasing skill shortage for talent with experience in the field.

I am a volunteer workshop coordinator for General Assembly and will be assisting UX for Change to find partners and run the events.


Nadine Grant – Workshop Collaborator

As a digital designer living and working in London, I’ve always been interested in the social and systemic change that design can bring about. UX helps changes the focus of what you’re designing, from solely aesthetic to about the user.

I decided to join the team as it gave me an opportunity to use my skills to help others working in the non-profit sector, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. By having frequent events, blog posts and more; we’ll be able to connect, share ideas and engage with the wider UX community, to make more impact. I feel there are many issues we can tackle, something I’m particularly interested in is the topic of homelessness.

When I’m not designing you’ll find me running around town – just completed my second half marathon.


Louisa Laughton-Scott – Events Coordinator 

In a rapidly evolving digital world, having great user experience is essential. I noticed that many charities did not have the digital expertise to create the UX design necessary for their projects. This is an area where I felt my expertise could really help. So when the opportunity came to join the UX for Change committee, I jumped at it.

Since joining, I have spoken to so many amazing people and charities all of whom are desperate for the teams help. In the tech world, the importance of UX is well-known and established. However, outside the tech world, many charities and non-profits don’t know about UX or why they need it. For me, this is the committees overall purpose; to help charities and non-profits understand the importance of UX and offer solutions.

Whatever the problem, big or small, as a committee we want to contribute to the bettering of the world by bringing the UX committee together for a common cause.

Fun fact about myself – I used to run a boxing events company (random right?!!)


Helenka Hewitt – Community Manager

Whilst studying UX design at General Assembly London this summer, I completed a project which aimed to help those dealing with dyslexia in the work place. This really gave me a great insite into how UX design can greatly impact those who could do with a little extra help. Once I found out that UX for Change needed a brand new super team, I was sold. What better way to help even more people out there.

For me, UX design is the magic behind every digital and even some non digital interactions. When I find my self getting frustrated by a badly designed page on an app, it acts as a constant reminder of why I am involving my self in the UX world.

As the community manager for UX for Change, I hope that my efforts can help spread the word of our work. I hope that more and more designers will hear of our meetups through our social media platforms and that we can reach out to charities that we have longed to help.

I would love to be able to offer UX support to charities involved with those suffering from dyslexia/learning disabilities, as I feel this is an area which often doesn’t get much funding.

When I am not trying to save the world through UX, I am some what of an abstract artist, having just had one of my paintings featured in an exhibition in London.


Liam Carter-Hawkins – Outreach Lead 

As a UX designer that’s worked with a diverse range of corporate, small businesses and startup clients, I joined UX for Change to help non-profits and charities harness new technologies and have an impact in the world using user experience design.

The biggest challenge I aims to address when it comes to the non-profit sector is how to test, validate and pursue valuable ideas that will have an impact in the world.

I am also a Spanish guitarist when not solving UX problems!

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